Utility that generates ASCII text from images such as a bitmap or image file
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OCRImageToASCII is a simple and easy-to-use application to extract ASCII text out of any BMP, JPEG, TIF, or GIF image containing alphanumerical characters. You can convert a full image or select a specific fragment using its built-in lasso functionality. The built-in OCR.Net component uses neural networks technology and statistical analysis to accurately identify the text characters.

Using one of their previously developed Microsoft .Net Framework components, File Innovations has built OCRImageToASCII as a stand-alone desktop tool that anybody can use to solve their Optical Character Recognition needs. It incorporates state-of-the-art recognition technology, and works efficiently with a large number of English font sets. This tool has no capturing functionality, so the image text files need to be scanned separately.

Its clear interface will show you the original image document on one side and the resulting ASCII text on the other, allowing you to spell-check and compare both documents easily. The window showing the processed text works also as a text editor, where you can make as many corrections as needed before saving the final document. The resulting text can be stored as a pure TXT file, as a DOC or RTF Microsoft document, or as a Unicode Text document (UTF).

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  • Allows for conversion of selected fragments


  • No capturing functionality
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